Abner and Apollo were adopted!

Abner and Apollo

UPDATE: Abner and Apollo were adopted! Abner and Apollo are two brothers who love each other like only family can.  Abner is a very handsome orange tabby who loves to pretend that he’s a big tough boy.  When we open their cage for cleaning or to give them some love, Abner resists by crouching as far to the back looking for all the world like the scared kitten he is.  But this boy is all show - no bite - or scratch for that matter.  Brother Apollo is the most beautiful all black cat with piercing green eyes.  He may be young, but he tries to looks tough, especially when he’s protecting Abner, but what he really likes is to relax.   We always take Apollo out first because as soon as we open the cage he jumps on top of his bother! These boys are same age, but Apollo has decided that he is the big brother and he takes his responsibility very seriously.  The boys came in to the shelter as 10-12 week old orphaned kittens so they have never known the comfort of a home with soft places to sleep and jump around in.  Our volunteers do everything we can to make the boys feel at ease, but it’s tough when you’re growing up in a cage.  Once the boys are in the cat socialization area with a favorite volunteer, they relax, not all the way mind you, but enough that they accept a loving hand or scratch behind the ears.    They even like to be held but sadly, they always have to go back into the cage.  We know the boys would love to have a home life away from the noise and constant activity of the shelter where they can learn that life can be good and quiet and even fun if they have room to play.  The boys are both neutered and up to date on shots. Abner and Apollo would do best in a home with an experienced cat owner who will be patient and take the time to allow them to feel comfortable so that these babies can live the life that all kittens want – somewhere to feel safe and to explore their world which is so much more than a lonely cage.

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