Adoptions: Rosie


Rosie is a beautiful 1 year old lab/pit mix. Rosie's mom was abandoned at a ballpark with a broken leg. When she was brought into the mercer county rescue and evaluated she was pregnant. She had her litter at the rescue and after 10 weeks the pups were adopted out. We got Rosie at 10 weeks old. Rosie went through basic obedience training. She knows all her commands and walks well on the leash. She gets along great with other dogs. She is only good with cats if they are used to dogs. She likes to chase them around the house but she never hurt a cat. She responds to "leave it" , when cat is around. She is up to date on all her shots and is very healthy. Unfortunately Rosie grew up to be a lot bigger than we were told and expecting. Because of this we don't have the proper yard for her to run in and exert her energy. My husband works alot and I work as well so the time needed to give Rosie the proper exercise is hard. I am a petite person and have a bad arm so Rosie is hard for me to handle. We want Rosie to be able to go to a great home where she can run and her owners have the time to be with her and continue training her. She is a great dog and is gonna make someone very happy.

If you think you could give Rosie the life she deserves, please contact Laurie at 732.841.7821

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