Abbott and Costello were adopted!

Abbott 1

UPDATE: Abbott and Costello were adopted! They might not be the original “Who’s on First?” duo, but these two are quite a pair. Abbott and Costello came to the shelter after having to be surrendered by their owner, but their relaxed demeanors have remained strong in the shelter environment thus far. Calling these two giant cuddle buddies would be a vast understatement; they love rubbing up against you and letting out a soft purr of gratitude. They are both 5-year-old neutered males and are up to date on their shots. Since these two came from a home together, it would be best for them to find a forever home together; though with their almost undistinguishable markings (Abbott has a bit more orange on his back), you may not realize that you have two in your home! If you’d like to make your home their forever home before they get to used to shelter life, please contact us at