Adoptions: Emmi


Meet Emmi. She is approximately 2 years old and found herself homeless, pregnant and very scared at the shelter. Before we could get her into a foster home, Emmi had her puppies at the shelter where she was so scared she couldn't care for her babies. We were able to move her into a foster home that day, and after a long nap, Emmi woke up a new Mom, embracing her puppies lovingly. But, we are sad to say, they all died that week. Emmi cried that week as any Mom would, but now she is a very happy girl who LOVES to play!! "Tag You're It" is her favorite game to play in the yard with the other dogs in her foster home. She also enjoys lying next to her foster mom while gardening.

Emmi is such a sweet girl who just wants a family of her own. She loves to snuggle on the couch while watching TV or Reading a good book. Emmi also has another friend in her foster home, the cat. Now this cat is a "dog savvy" cat and has schooled many dogs on "living with the cat" in your foster home. Emmi and the cat will lie on the floor and exchange jabs at each other for the longest time. Emmi does bark at the cat and will follow her around but its to say "I want to play." And, well, cats do things on their terms and no ones else, Emmi doesn't understand that yet!

Emmi happily shares her food or toys. She's working on walking nicely on a leash and with meeting strangers, who she can sometimes find a little scary. Please consider sweet Emmi for she will be a loyal friend to you forever-- and make you laugh too!!

If you are interested in meeting Emmi or adopting her, please contact us or fill out an application online!

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