Paula was adopted!

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UPDATE: Paula found her forever home! What can we say about Paula?  So many things, but I suppose we’ll start with the facts.  Paula is a 10 year old Persian who arrived at the shelter a beautiful mess.  Her luscious fur was pulled out in places and matted so badly in others that there was no option but to shave her.  It’s such a sad thing to do to such a regal animal, but Paula, being well aware of her royal status, took it in stride.  She may never admit it, but we’re sure she felt 100% better without the mats pulling at her tender skin.  Thankfully, the tech who shaved her gave her a “lion cut” so pretty Paula can still hold her head high.  Paula is a very little girl who was not feeling at all well when she arrived, but the right medicine, good food and lots of love, have Paula quickly on the road to recovery and hopefully to her own home.  Our stunning lady is very sweet in spite of the indignities put upon her and will gladly sit on your lap soaking up all the love you could possibly give her.

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