Bette Davis' Eyes


Little Bette Davis is a 4 month old kitten who was brought to the Shelter as a stray with her sister. Her sister, who has the same gorgeous dilute torbie coat, was adopted pretty quickly. Unfortunately, Bette suffers from a congenital condition called upper eyelid agenesis, which means she was born with no upper eyelids. The condition is painful, with the hairs rubbing on the eye, causing corneal keratitis and eventual blindness. Little Bette is receiving artificial tears to alleviate the irritation, but the only solution is a procedure to freeze the hairs off (cryoepilation). We have scheduled this for Thursday (9/20) with an eye specialist at Red Bank Veterinary Hospital and are hoping for an excellent outcome. Cryoepilation will provide permanent lifetime relief, avert blindness and make Bette a most adoptable kitten, our goal for every Shelter animal!

The cost of the procedure is $800. We are looking to raise that amount to cover the cost of Bette's surgery. All donations will help Sammy’s Hope to continue to provide much-needed medical care to our Shelter animals, and your generosity is appreciated more than we can say.

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