In Memory of Casey

They say every person (or pet) leaves behind their legacy. Casey taught me three key things in life: 1) Love life, 2) love people, and 3) keep happy

Casey came into my life during a difficult time in my life. However, when he joined our family, there was an instant bond. I felt he knew when I was feeling down and in seeing how much he loved life, he gave me the inspiration to keep pushing through.

What makes Casey unique: (And what I bet he would most likely want you to know about him) Casey was a very happy dog and was excellent with people and especially children. He was also a very forgiving pet: Step on his tail accidentally? After that yelp (awww), he'd then start wagging his tail and would be so happy (okay, maybe because he knew this meant that he was getting an "I'm sorry" treat afterward!). We've also had children that playfully hit him and tried to ride poor Casey like a horse. Casey took it all in excellent stride, and I wish he could have met my own kids one day.

No matter what, he remained playful and happy throughout his life. A life that he simply loved. And that's the lesson that I've learned from him. Live in the moment. Be happy and love people.

Casey brought so much joy to our family's life that we wanted to donate and volunteer at the shelter, and we encourage you to do the same for the pets cared for by Sammy's Hope.

P. Eskow