Lady, the Belle of the Office!

Office Girl

Some of you may recall our Lady, the senior collie/shep mix girl who wound up in the shelter last year with her 2 other housemates.  Lady had very large tumors on her sides which our vet at the time felt were inoperable.  One of our terrific volunteers fostered Lady for a year, until a drastic change in his living situation created the need for us to find her somewhere new to stay.  Her volunteer friends and foster dad were distraught at the idea of bringing her back to a shelter after a long lifetime in a home and a year of love and attention.  Enter our friends at St. Hubert's in Madison, NJ!  They offered to take Miss Lady in, and let her hang out in the office with the staff until she could find a permanent home! Lady is now showered with attention from everyone working in the office-- she is truly loving life!  The best news we have had, though, is that the vets at St. Hubert's felt they could safely operate on her tumors!  Lady underwent surgery last week to remove a large portion of the tumors on her sides and is healing wonderfully!

We can't thank St. Hubert's enough for taking her in, loving her as much as we do, and giving her a chance to find that perfect home!  Lady is adoptable through St. Hubert's through their petfinder page:

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