Our Cushings Girls could use a hand!

Two of our most loving dog girls, Dixie and Chloe, have recently been diagnosed with Cushings Disease.  Cushings causes the body to overproduce Cortisol, which causes a variety of uncomfortable symptoms in dogs.  Luckily there is a maintenance medication available to treat the disease, and now that both girls have started treatment, their health is drastically improving!  Thankfully, both Dixie and Chloe are in loving foster homes where their medication can be administered and health monitored. The initial diagnosis is very costly, though, and we have racked up some bills getting them properly diagnosed and medicated these past few months.  Won't you please spread a little Christmas cheer and help us with their treatment?  Anything at all would go so far toward helping us care for them until their perfect forever families come along who can take over their treatment and shower them with love! We have started a Chip-in below where you can donate, if you would like to help. Just click on the orange button labeled "Chip-in!"