Looking Back

profile2We have recently updated our website header to reflect some of our newer adoptees, including our wonderful feline friends. However, before retiring the old header, we'd just like to mention a bit about the dogs it depicted. Sammy's Hope got its start working with the pit bulls and bully breed dogs at the Edison Shelter. We were afforded the privilege of working to socialize these pups and find them safe, loving, Forever Homes. Our organization is named after one of them (Sammy, the beautiful brindle boy on the end). As we reflect on how far we've come since those first days, I am happy to say that all of the dogs in that photo montage found loving Forever families. They were our first "graduating class" of Sammy's Hope and are all very dear to those of us who founded the organization. With the support of our donors, adopters, volunteers, and shelter staff, we have been able to expand to include a fantastic Cat Team, and adoptions for all breeds of dogs. Many thanks from us and the alumni of our first graduating class!