Foster Needed: 10 month old Tyger Needs Help!

This 10 month old brindle pittie formerly lived in East Brunswick, his name is Tyger, and his owner is now homeless and living in his car. Tyger is staying in a room at his great-grandma's for the next 3 days, but great-grandma is too old to care for this puppy. Seer Farms is full, but Tyger is on their waiting list.  This is what Tyger's grandmom has to say about him: "My mom has Tyger in a bedroom at her home but this can only be for a few days as she is 73 and a very week 73 so Tyger is WAY too big & playful for her, She loves him (A LOT!) but she cant manage him.

Tyger is not neutered,  great with everything children and pets. Of course he wants to play with everything (a puppy).  He loves to run (fenced yard ideal). He is about 10 months old and 58lbs. High energy level. Loves people and playing with balls & ropes and has been eating ALPO wet and puppy chow hard dog food. He loves to play and really doesn’t like to be locked up (in a room or a car) for very long.

Thank you.  I don’t know what we will do in a few days..."

Tyger has been vetted and neutered.  If you can offer a temporary foster home for Tyger while his dad looks for housing, or until Seer Farms is able to take him, this sweet boy would really appreciate it!  Please contact if you can help!