Adoptions: Clive, Jelly Bean, Nermal, and ZuZu

Clive is estimated to be about eight years old. Though everything about this big cuddly teddy bear says cat, he thinks he is a dog. Clive loves to play fetch with toy mice, comes when he is called by name, and talks constantly. He will sleep with you every night and cuddle with you during the day. Clive is front declawed and an indoor cat only. Due to stomach issues, he needs to be on a sensitive stomach dry food and his intake must be limited as he has a condition in which he does not know when he is full. This big giant boy is one of the gentlest kitties you'll ever meet. Clive prefers to have feline friends and Jelly Bean is his bestie.  Rena would love to see Clive & Jelly Bean go to a home together.  If you are interested in adopting Clive, please contact  


Jelly Bean is estimated to be about eight years old. You have never met anyone quite like this character. Jelly Bean is part Siamese with the brightest blue eyes. Like many white cats,he is deaf so the vacuum doesn't bother him much. Jelly Bean was also born with a foot deformity so sometimes he hobbles with a little limp but this doesn't stop him from running around. Jelly Bean loves to snuggle and be pet...he will even nibble on your nose if you rub his back!!! Front declawed, jelly bean is an indoor cat only. He gets along wonderfully with children and would do best in a home with other kitty friends to play with, especially with his best buddy Clive.   If you are interested in adopting Jelly Bean, please contact




Nermal is estimated to be about nine years old. He has a beautiful gray coat and LOVES to be held in your arms. He will make this well known to you as he rubs his head on your shoulder and purrs as loud as he can. Though shy at first, Nermal is a pure love bug once he gets to know you. He loves rolling around in your hair if you lay with him on the floor. Nermal is an indoor cat only and is a picky diet,and of course the occasional treat of milk in a bowl. He gets along with other cats and would do best in a quiet home with no children but other feline friends.   If you are interested in adopting Nermal, please contact


ZuZu is as sweet as her name. This four year old princess is playful, snuggly, and just a doll. She will climb on your lap the minute you sit down and burrow into your neck for some love. ZuZu is front declawed and an indoor cat only. She tolerates other cats but prefers to be the center of attention...and she will give you lots of it!!!    If you are interested in adopting Zuzu please contact