Adoptions: Jakob


Update: Jakob's family has decided to keep him and try to get him the training he needs.  Congrats, Jakob! A plea from Jakob's mother, looking to find him a new home:

"I am trying to find a loving home for our wonderful pit bull, Jakob.  Jakob is a neutered 4 1/2 year old male. He is house  trained, crate-trained, microchipped and up-to-date on all vaccinations and tests. He is WONDERFUL with children! I have two boys under the age of 2 and Jakob is so great with them! He is very friendly and well-behaved.  He loves to hang out and lay at your feet when you are home.  He is loving and very mellow - but he LOVES it when you get down on the floor with him to play.

He is very sweet and gentle with children and with some female dogs.  He would be a great for a family with no other pets (or a perhaps a female dog) - a family that is looking for a loving addition to their home! Jakob enjoys going on walks and does not bark at cars, people or other animals (although he is very curious about squirrels)!

He does have an agression towards other male dogs which is why I have to surrender him.  I need to find him a new home by Thanksgiving or else, sadly, I will have to put him down. My husband, who loves the dog too, will not consider behavioral training and does not want us to hold on to him past Thanksgiving because Jakob got out from under the backyard fence and bit our neighbor's dog. He does not want to take the chance that Jakob will get out again and bite another dog -- especially in our neighborhood that is FULL of dogs.

Please help me. I am really heartbroken about having to give up this wonderful dog and am desperate to find him a loving home..."

If you are interested in offering Jakob a fresh start and saving his life, please contact:

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