Sara and Bella Still Looking for Homes

UPDATE:  Bella has found a new family!

Remember the 4 dogs who needed new families because their mom had to unexpectedly move out of the country?  The great news is that two have found new homes!  Their sisters Bella and Sara, however, still need help.  Here they are...

Bella Cropped.jpg

7 yrs old
UTD Vaccines and spayed
Lhasa Apso/ Shih Tzu mix

Bella is a very affectionate, loyal, fun little girl with spunk and sass beyond her size.  She loves to sit with you and cuddle her head in your lap.  This cutie likes a lot of attention and would do best as part of an adult family.  As for her affinity toward other family pets, that would be up to Bella. While Bella lives with three large dogs and three cats she can be selective toward animals outside her pack.  Bella has always been well behaved but is feeling the stress of changes taking place in her home and with her pack finding homes one by one.  She needs an experienced owner that will provide her with security and guidance as she adjusts to her new home.  Bella has never destroyed anything and is housebroken.  Bella was crate trained and although she no longer needs to be, she chooses to lie in it with the door open during the day.  Bella’s a good girl at the vet and for her groomer as well.

Sadly, Bella is looking for a loving family because her Mom is moving out of the country and the way of life for family pets is not what it is here.  All she has known is her Mom and the other cats and dogs in the household.  As heartbreaking as this is to do, her Mom has to place them with a new families to ensure the rest of their lives will be full of the love, quality and care they’ve always had.


Rhodesian Ridgeback/Lab mix
8 1/2 yrs old
UTD Vaccines and spayed
47 lbs

Sara needs a family that will understand and accept her lack of confidence.  Although she was adopted by her Mom as a puppy and has only been in one home she has always shied away when someone goes to pet her head.  She is also afraid of fireworks and thunder.  Her Mom just holds her without making a big deal of the noise and makes her feel secure.  She seems to be more comfortable with women but is fine with men.  Her Mom lovingly calls her, her “Sweet Sara”.  Sara is a sweetheart that sometimes needs reassurance from her human.  She tends to be a little anxious and she is nervous in new situations.  She also sometimes jumps around and bares her teeth, but not at all in an aggressive or fearful way.  Sara has never been nasty toward anyone, any of the animals.  She bares her teeth as if it’s a shy smile.  Sometimes this causes her to be misunderstood.  She really is a very sweet little girl that loves to sit next to you and be petted or just lie to you for reassurance.  

Sara lives with two large dogs, one small dog and two cats and has spent a lot of time with her teenage human cousins.  Sara has never destroyed anything and is housebroken.  Although Sara doesn’t need to be crated she chooses to lie in it with the door open during the day.  Savanna’s a good girl at the vet and for her groomer.  

 If you are interested in learning more about Bella or Sara, please contact Lynne at