Gabriel Needs Your Help!

Sweet Gabriel has had a difficult start to life.  Please help us help him to live the rest of it happy and pain-free!

Gabriel is an 8-year-old boy who was brought to the Shelter with four housemates when they were found abandoned in an apartment after their owner moved. As soon as they arrived, the staff noticed how thin Gabriel was, unlike his four roomies. Upon closer examination by the veterinarian, it was found Gabriel had severe dental disease, diagnosed as stomatitis. The best recommendation to help ease his excruciating pain is a complete extraction of all his teeth. Luckily, most cats do extremely well following this procedure.

In addition to the stomatitis, this poor guy also suffers from entropion, in which the eyelids turn inward and cause irritation to the corneas.  Gabriel is receiving medication to ease this condition, but will likely need a second surgery to correct this condition as well.

Despite losing his home and being in pain from two treatable conditions, Gabriel is as sweet as can be, and we are very optimistic that he will  - with your help - go on to be a healthy, adoptable