A Goodbye to Sunny


It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of Sunny, our very special hound mix who lit up the world with her "Sunny" disposition.

Sunny filled our hearts, but none so much as the compassionate woman who, knowing Sunny had a fatal disease, took her home to love and care for her this past year.

Shortly after arriving at the Edison Animal Shelter late in 2012 as a stray,  Sunny was diagnosed with mammary gland carcinoma. Sunny was accepted into a mammary gland carcinoma study at UPenn Veterinarian Hospital, where leading researchers are working on finding better treatment and a cure for the often fatal disease. Sunny was transported by volunteers to UPenn  throughout 2013 for surgery and follow up visits, enjoying the adventure of it all. The doctors at UPenn always had the same report; Sunny is such a good patient, very tolerant and remembers exactly where the treats are kept in the Radiology Department! Through Sunny, researchers will be that much closer to understanding the disease and its progression; a path that will surely lead to a cure. 

Our heartfelt gratitude to her foster mom Marianne and Sunny's canine sister Bella for making Sunny's year a very happy, fun, and loving one. To Camp Bow Wow of Bridgewater who stepped up in the very beginning when we needed a foster home for Sunny and through them, Sunny found Marianne and Bella, thank you. Finally, thanks to all those who contributed to Sunny's journey, she will be forever in our hearts.