An Open Letter to Sammy's Hope Volunteers and Supporters

Dear Friends:

Over the past several months, we have been working with Edison Township to identify the best way to operate the volunteer program that we have established with the help of all of you over these last 4 years.  Ultimately, the decision has been made that it would be best for Edison Township to take over the leadership role of the volunteer program that you have been a part of along with us at the shelter.  We are excited about these changes, and we welcome and support them.  These changes can only help to solidify and expand the strides that have been made at EAS since we started working with them in 2010, which include:

  • Changing the shelter image and philosophy to one of Animal Welfare as opposed to one of primarily Animal Control
  • Mandatory Spay/Neuter and vaccinations for all adopted animals
  • Enrichment for Shelter Pets (Beds, toys, socialization)
  • Focus on Adoption and Adoption Match Making
  • Expanded Medical Services for Shelter Pets
  • Expanded Foster Program
  • Expanded partnerships with local rescues and animal welfare organizations

With the shift in focus to animal welfare and support from township leadership, we can only see this trend of positive changes continuing on well into the future. 


As far as volunteering at the Edison Animal Shelter is concerned, nothing should change.  Volunteers will still go to the shelter to work with the animals on volunteer days as they always have.  The shelter is also looking to expand volunteer opportunities and hours, so there will likely be more opportunities to volunteer and help.  A representative from the shelter will be reaching out to the existing volunteers to schedule a meeting in the near future to discuss these changes and share all the great initiatives that EAS has coming down the pike.

Sammy’s Hope will continue to work with EAS in some different capacities, and many of our core volunteers will continue to volunteer during normal volunteer hours, but we will be working explicitly under the direction of Edison and not as Sammy’s Hope during those times.

As far as Sammy’s Hope outside of our work with EAS, we are in the process of expanding our offerings to the many other shelters that have reached out to us for support, based on our work at EAS.  We would like to invite you to a meeting to discuss these initiatives, and several others that we have been working on, that we are VERY excited about.  This meeting is open to existing volunteers and supporters and will be held on:

Monday February 24th at 7PM
East Brunswick Public Library – Meeting Room #3
2 Jean Walling Civic Center
East Brunswick, NJ 08816

We see this transition as a very positive change and are excited for the road ahead for both The Edison Animal Shelter and Sammy’s Hope, and we hope you will continue to want to be a part of it.

Thank you for your continued support and for all you do for the animals!

Sammy’s Hope Board of Directors