Little Sara is Looking for Love

8 yrs old

UTD Vaccines and spayed
Mixed Breed

Sara’s Mom is moving out of the country and the way of life for family pets is not what it is here.  All Sara has known is her Mom, three feline and three canine pack members.  As heartbreaking as this is to do, her Mom must place each of them with new families to ensure the rest of their lives will be full of the love, quality and care they’ve always had.  Over the past several weeks, Sara’s fellow canines have found their homes and will be adopted into them within the next few days.  Soon, Sara will find herself alone and still in need of a family of her own.
“Sweet Sara,” as her Mom lovingly calls her, is a sweetheart who needs reassurance from her human.  While shy at first, Sara is a very endearing and gentle girl who loves to sit next to you and be petted. She is looking for an adult forever family that will understand and accept her lack of confidence.  Her new owner must have a compassionate heart that will see the true Sara through her initial shyness.  In meeting Sara, the dog you see at first is not the dog you’ll come to know if you give her a chance.
Sara has always been well behaved but is feeling the stress of changes taking place in her home and with her pack finding homes one by one.  She needs an owner who will provide her with security and guidance as she adjusts to her new home.  While Sara has shared her life with her fellow feline and canine family, she has recently been selective toward animals outside her pack.  Therefore, her affinity toward other family pets would be up to Sara.  Sara will also require a gentle hug when there is thunder and lightning and when fireworks go off.  A gentle hug and not making a big deal of Sara being scared is all it takes to make her feel safe and secure.
Sara has never been unfriendly toward anyone.  Sometimes this sweetie is misunderstood when she gives her shy smiles because they cause her teeth to be bared.  She also likes to bounce around and smile to engage people once she overcomes her shyness.  It might be awkward but it’s adorable!  Sara has never destroyed anything and is housebroken.  Although Sara doesn’t need to be crated she chooses to lie in it with the door open during the day.  Sara’s a good girl at the vet and for her groomer.
Please let Sara into your heart…once you do, you won’t let her go!
Please e-mail Lynne at for more information on Sara.  Sara is being placed through Helpers4Shelters, a non-profit organization.