Tyson Needs Medical Care!


UPDATE: Goal Met! Between the Chip-in and Website donations, we have met our fund raising goal for Tyson's Medical care! Thank you all so much for donating!! In early February, Tyson, a 7 year old Dalmatian/Great Dane mix was surrendered by his owner to the Edison Animal Shelter as he no longer had the time or resources to care for him. Tyson was obviously in pain with a severe skin condition; eyes red and oozing, skin bright red and sore. He captured the hearts of all the Sammy's Hope volunteers who encountered him that day, we knew we had to do something for him and quickly. Shortly after coming to the shelter, SH volunteers evaluated his temperament which confirmed exactly what his owner reported. Tyson is a well trained, sweet dog who knows all his commands and performs them upon request. Tyson LOVES people and is quick to offer generous licks. To sum it up, Tyson is an all around GREAT DOG. Through the diligence of SH volunteers, with the cooperation of the EAS, Tyson was seen by a veterinarian.

The current diagnosis for Tyson is a serious yeast infection; however it is not 100% clear at this point if there are other contributing factors such as an allergic reaction to some unknown allergen, which would likely require ongoing treatment. The costs for following the current course of treatment and care for Tyson will run approximately $1000. This amount will cover his medication, the medicated shampoo we will be required to bath him with twice a week, and the high quality food that will be required for his unidentified allergy's that could be the root cause of his illness. If Tyson responds well to these treatments for his infection, he will likely require less costly ongoing treatments. If Tyson does not respond well, his illness will need to be re-evaluated and further treatments will need to be explored. Regardless of the short term outcome, we do expect that Tyson will need some sort of ongoing treatment beyond this initial course of action.

An anonymous donor has offered to match all donations for Tyson up to a total of $1000 to cover Tyson's anticipated ongoing treatment. Through this very generous donor, every donation you make will be doubled! [gallery link="file" columns="2" size="medium"]