PJ Needs Eye Surgery!


Cane Corsos PJ, a 6 month old male puppy, and his friend Katana, an 18 month old female, wound up at the shelter a few months back. He had a growth on his eye and she had a terrible case of demodectic mange and multiple infections in both her ears and eyes. Both dogs were thankfully rescued by Tammy of Cane Corso Rescue who has been taking WONDERFUL care of them. Kat has received treatment for all of her ailments and is responding well, but now PJ is in need of surgery on the dermoid on his eye. Cane Corso Rescue has set up a chipin to try and help pay for PJ's surgery--we would be so grateful if some of our Sammy's Hope friends could help chip in for his surgery! Please consider donating to help out this sweet, shy boy get the medical care he needs. Thank You! [gallery link="file" columns="2" size="medium"]