Charlotte's Ear Surgery


UPDATE: We have reached our Chipin Goal!!! Charlotte (formerly known as Chi-Chi or Peggy Sue) came to the shelter with her friend Georgia (formerly Destiny) a couple of months ago.  Charlotte developed a very painful hematoma in her left ear which caused it to swell up many times its normal size.  We took Charlotte to get surgery on her ear today by the wonderful folks at Raritan Animal Hospital.  She is recovering at a temporary medical foster for the next couple weeks, then she will return to the shelter to find her forever home (unless someone wants to adopt this loving girl before she returns to the shelter -- hint hint!)

Because the opportunity to get her surgery came up so quickly, we did not have a chance to raise any money for her medical needs.  Now we owe $350.00!  If anyone in our Sammy's Hope family could please help us pay this bill, we can then proceed with the medical needs of several other pups at the shelter.  We have set up a chip-in here to make it easy to contribute: