Duke's Big Adventure


Our little buddy Duke, the braying beagle boy, is still at the shelter. He is handsome and sweet and has met a ton of people who thought he might be "the one." However, once they hear his very Beagle-y braying, they decide he is not a fit for their families... Our volunteers are working hard to find a fit for him somewhere out there in the world. We hit upon a very interesting possibility for Duke as a working dog with the U.S. Department of Agriculture in their Beagle Brigade division. The USDA recruits beagles from shelters across the country to act as the first defense against invasive species and unauthorized plant stuff coming into the USA. They watched Duke's youtube video and felt that he may have what it takes to be an inspector.

So last Monday, three of our volunteers drove Duke from the animal shelter in Edison, NJ down to Dunalk, MD just outside of Baltimore. On the trip down he brayed and brayed, presumable to let them know that we were coming! Duke met up with the USDA dog handlers in a local Petsmart where they tested him to see if he could potentially fill the job. He did well on several aspects of the test, however, he is not very interested in treats which is a very important requirement for their training.

He did his best, but it seems that government work is not in Duke's future. He made some new friends, got to go on an adventure day away from the shelter, and was a quiet well-behaved boy on the trip back up to NJ. Duke isn't letting it get him down that he didn't get the job, but he would really love to find a new home! To learn more about Duke, please contact Edison Animal Shelter at (732) 248-7278 or stop in to visit him.

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