Jack and Jill were adopted!

Jack & Jill

UPDATE: Jack and Jill went together to their forever home today! Jack and Jill are approx. 5-6 month old brother & sister.  These twin panther look-a likes were brought to the shelter as strays in early August as 10-12 week old kittens.  They quickly became volunteer favorites for their sweet baby meows and the way they would bump each other for position at the front of the cage.  They love being together, and will play contentedly, but as soon as a person stops at the front of their cage, all bets are off and the only thing that matters is the person with hands that they are sure were created only to pet them.  We are always happy to oblige as petting either one of them is like petting mink with a purrrrr. Jack and Jill love the time Sammy’s Hope volunteers spend with them, but both are longing for a home to call their own.  These patient kittens are growing up in a steel cage, yet they are loveable and friendly in spite of their situation.  It is way past time that they learn that the hands they so love are attached to a whole person who will love them forever.  Both of these babies are up to date on shots and are neutered and spayed.

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