Tara found her forever home!

Cage 15-Tara

UPDATE: Tara has found her forever home! Tara is a charming small adult black & white beauty. Our girl Tara has been with us since August 3rd and we simply do not understand why no one has snatched her up.  Well, one person did, but Tara, being a cat has her own ideas of where she wants to be and even though a house is certainly better than the steel cage, she just did not adjust and was returned to us.  Perhaps she just needed more time, after all a few days really isn’t much in the life of a cat.  It seems obvious that dear Tara wishes another opportunity to work on this home thing as our once great talker is depressed being back in a small cage, with only a towel to lie on instead of a bed.  Won’t you be the person to come rescue Tara so that she can once again find her beautiful voice?  Tara is spayed & current with all of her vaccinations.

For more information about Tara, contact us.