Out of the Pits and into The Ritz! Bully Training Workshop


Sammy’s Hope is happy to present... OUT OF THE PITS AND INTO THE RITZ! WORKSHOP

SUSAN PARKER Dynamic Dog Training/Behavior Services, LLC

Sunday, Sept 18, 2011 10 AM to 5 PM

Edison Animal Shelter 125 Municipal Blvd Edison, New Jersey, 08817

Fee: $20.00 (onsite, day of event. Make checks payable to: Sammy’s Hope, Inc).

This is a people-only event. Please do not bring your dogs as we will be utilizing the shelter dogs.

Please do bring your lunch and a comfortable chair. Training will be held outside, next to the shelter (if it rains we will be inside the township offices).

In shelters, we see lots of leash pulling, jumping, no basic manners, excessive energy due to lack of exercise, mouthing etc....We also see lots of dogs that are "on leash aggressive" and are falsely labeled "dog aggressive" because people don't understand. --Susan Parker

Susan Parker is a trainer specializing in American Pit Bull Terriers, pit mixes and bully breeds.

Shelters, rescue groups, volunteers, trainers, pit bull owners, and pit bull devotees are welcome at this workshop. Sue will be working with shelter pit bulls throughout the day to demonstrate and teach her techniques.

Topics covered in the workshop:

  • learning how to read dogs thru understanding their body language
  • Pit Bull reactivity – how to work with it.
  • Specific games teaching how to work with high prey drive and energy outlets for the dogs.
  • Safety handling tips for shelter workers
  • Specific training for shelter Pit Bulls and shelter volunteers (Out of the Pits and into The Ritz)
  • Adoption advice
  • How society views Pit Bull owners and how we dispel the myths
  • There will be a Question and Answer period following the workshop

About Susan Parker:

Susan Parker is the owner of Dynamic Dog Training/Behavior Services LLC. Located in Warwick, Rhode Island. She is the president and founder of the non-profit 501 C3 organization, The little Rhodie Bully Breed Club Inc. Susan has worked with dogs and their families to develop better relationships for many years. Susan specializes in American Pit Bull Terriers and has been a Pit Bull rescue coordinator for many shelters in RI. Susan’s specialty is rehabilitating and training the most difficult dogs with her upbeat motivational methods. In 2008, she was nationally recognized by winning a $5,000 Maddie’s Fund grant for a shelter of her choice.

She was granted this primarily because of her work with volunteer training and placing shelter Pit Bulls. She is the founder of the non-profit organization called The Little Rhodie Bully Breed Club Inc. She created an inner-city youth program teaching high school students how to love; honor, respect, and train shelter Pit Bulls. Over the years, she has conducted various educational seminars and presentations on dog training/behavior and enriching dogs’ lives during their shelter stay. She has been a keynote speaker in Rhode Island, Mass & NJ & NY and also appears on the local “Pick a Pet of the Week” segment routinely with news Channel 10's Mario Hilario.

During this interactive workshop, Susan will demonstrate her techniques. Shelters, volunteers, and Pit Bull owners interested in learning about understanding and training Pit Bulls will benefit from this workshop. For further information: call 732-236-2267 or mailto: geoff@sammyshope.org