Ava was Adopted!


Ava is the Queen, which is the correct term for a mother cat and she takes the title very seriously!  She is a tall, lithe all grey tiger and boy did she show it when she first arrived!  At first, Ava was quite the attempted escape artist who gave the shelter staff and volunteers fits when it was time to clean the cage and feed everyone.   She got pretty mad too in her efforts to protect her two babies, Amos & Andy.  With a little talking to and some time, Ava has decided that maybe, just maybe people aren’t so bad.  I must tell you though, that she is quite particular about whom she chooses to grace with her fine feline self.  If you pass the muster though, Ava gives 100%.   While Ava is very regal looking in her striped coat, her babies, Amos & Andy favor their father, whoever he is.  They are kittens, so do I really have to say cute?  These boys are darker than their Mom with bolder accents.  Both have long hair, like a Maincoon – one has longer hair than the other, but both will grow from their kitten cuteness to be stunning adults that no one will be able to resist.  Mom has not been spayed yet, but it’s in the plan; if you choose to take Ava home, or rather if she chooses you, the shelter will set you up with assistance to ensure she doesn’t have more babies for us to find homes for.  Amos and Andy are too young yet for such a procedure, but it is a must in a few months. UPDATE: Amos and Andy have ben adopted, but Ava is available!