Hazel was adopted!

front Hazel

UPDATE: Hazel was adopted! Fierce, as in top model beautiful fierce, is the best description I can think of for Hazel.   She has very pretty, although common grey tiger strips, but her face, from her brow line to her mouth is pure white.  She has that wild cat look, without the attitude.  But what really makes this feline the cat’s meow are her long, long legs.  Hazel is long, tall and lithe, just like a famous runway model.  She carries it well, without a conceited bone in her body and she doesn’t shy away from her fans, no, not this girl.  If you want her to spend time with you, she’s in and enjoys every minute of it.  Hazel is a young girl who was picked up as a stray, and it’s so obvious she was once someone’s loving pet.    I’m sure there is just the right person or family out there who fits Hazel like a fine evening gown.