Adoptions: Smokey and Trevor

Smokey and Trevor 2

Once upon a time, Smokey and Trevor lived the good life in a home with people who loved them. Unfortunate circumstances brought them to the Shelter, where they were housed together for way too long. Not the type to attract attention and – let’s face it, they’re not kittens anymore! – they began retreating into themselves until a volunteer decided to spring them and be their Foster Mom. At just 6 (Trevor) and 7 (Smokey), these solidly-built boys are so happy to have soft bedding to lounge on and room to stretch! Turns out their unassuming personalities are their true selves. They ‘re just a couple of mellow dudes who are happiest with humans to be with, room to explore and a bowl of canned Friskies.

Though we don’t think they’re related, they are very similar – super-soft, short grey coats and piercing green eyes. Trevor sports a white chest and tummy and the cutest half-grey, half-pink nose you’ve ever seen! Smokey is mostly solid, silky soft grey with just a touch of white on his chest and belly. They really are best buds, so a home together would be purrfect. They don’t ask for much, are neutered and healthy, and just want a Forever Home and a human to call their own. Other cats? No problem! They’re happy to share the couch with everyone.

Can you write the happy ending to their story?

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