Bonnie found her forever home!


UPDATE: Our sweet Bonnie found her forever home! It’s not hard to describe our Bonnie girl, except that there are so many adjectives that mean cute – delightful, charming, endearing, adorable, sweet, darling loveable……Beautiful tuxedo Bonnie has the thickest, softest fur you’ve ever felt on a cat.  Petting her is probably what it feels like to rub your hands into the dense, soft fur of a bear cub.  This 6 month old kitten is everything you want a kitten to be, fun, engaging, silly and just plain ridiculous at times.  Little Bonnie came to us as a very young orphaned kitten on December 2, 2010.  I’ll bet you’re wondering why such cuteness is still at a shelter?  It’s because Bonnie has tested FeLV positive which means that she is even more special than most kittens.  Bonnie is a perfectly healthy kitten right now and hopefully will be for years to come, but we just don’t know what her future will be and she shouldn’t live in a house with other cats unless they too are FeLV positive. The fact that Bonnie has been able to fight the disease and thrive bodes very well for her to be able to continue to fight the disease for years to come and live a good life.  That said Bonnie’s condition poses a problem for most people so we are looking for someone who isn’t like most people to give Bonnie her very own home.   We believe in Bonnie’s fighting spirit and her good health, so much so that we made sure she was spayed and had all of her necessary shots in preparation to send her home. For more information about FeLV, please check out this link

So, if you are that person who isn’t like most people – if you are the person who will open your heart and your home to this special girl, give us a call or come visit Bonnie in person so you can see firsthand what a delightful, charming, endearing, adorable, sweet, darling loveable kitten she is.

For more information, contact us.