Adoptions: Dodger


Dodger's foster mom writes: "Dodger is an extremely loving and loyal dog. The vet said that he is about 3/4 shepherd and 1/4 pit bull. He weighs 42 pounds, and the vet said that he is full grown. He is approximately 18 months old, and he is fairly well trained. He knows commands like "sit," "stay," "come," "get the ball," "no," etc. He's very obedient, doesn't jump on food when you're eating, etc. However, he has been out on the street for about a month (the vet said she could tell from his nails), so he isn't 100% housebroken, and he does need some walking training because he pulls. We are beginning crate training today, so he will be coming to his new home at least partially trained. He has his shots, and he is neutered.

He loves attention and affection, and he warms up to people very quickly. He barks when someone comes around the house, but does not bite and is the biggest sweetheart once he gets to know you.

We do not know how he is around children, as we do not have any; however, he does bark a lot when children walk by. He barks at cats and other dogs, and I think he would be best as the only pet in the house."

Please contact Jennifer at if you would like to learn more about him!

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