Baby Felix's Chipin!

The big green leg

Felix the kitten's foster mom relates his story:

"Felix is a typical, curious, playful kitten who had been living in the Shelter for most of his eight months. Unfortunately, his curiosity and playfulness got him in big trouble! He was fine one Friday night at closing time, but was discovered on the following Saturday morning with his right front leg completely wedged in the cage door! No telling how many hours he’d been trapped, or how long he’d struggled to free himself. Once freed, his leg was limp and the paw was severely turned under. He was clearly in pain, and exhausted from the struggle.

An exam by my vet and x-rays showed dislocated growth plates in his ankle and knee, and possible ligament damage. The vet prescribed immobilization for three weeks, and put a splint on the leg. Felix handled it very well, although my cats were all pretty suspicious at first by this kitten with a big green, noisy leg!

The splint is off now, and the leg is thinner and weaker than his others, but the vet believes it will strengthen with time. Felix may always have a bit of a dropped paw, but he runs like crazy, loves to play fetch with his favorite green mouse, and has a fondness for snatching my dishtowels off the fridge and carrying them up the stairs. Easy to see how he got in trouble in that little cage – my two story house is hardly able to contain his playful energy!!!"

We are so happy that Felix is on the mend, but now we need to pay his vet bills! We have several other cats and dogs with medical conditions and really need to cover Felix's bills before we can proceed with their treatments as well. Thank you SO much for considering helping us out with his vet bills!