Ace was adopted!

Ace 1

UPDATE: Ace was adopted! Our smokey grey boy with the white feet and collar is named Ace.  He has the cutest round face and very soft, thick fur, almost like a knitted baby blanket.  Ace is 2 years old and very confused right now about why his world got turned upside down.  You see, Ace grew up in a home with a lady who loved him.  Unfortunately, she had to move into a place that just didn’t understand that little Ace wouldn’t cause any trouble.  Through tears and sad goodbyes, she left Ace at the shelter, hoping he would find a home with someone else who would give him all the love he deserved.  Ace loves it when the volunteers come to pet him and take him out of his cage to play.  He is so handsome, but he doesn’t seem to be the slightest bit concerned with his looks.  If there is a spot from the laser pointer to chase he goes for it with gusto!  When play time is over, he will happily sit in your lap, soaking up the love and giving plenty back by rubbing on you and purrrrring to his heart’s content – that is what cats are supposed to do, right?  Little Ace was neutered on February 24th and is ready to spend as much time in your lap as you will let him.  Please come visit Ace so he can show you just how wonderful he is.

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