Ranger Needs Your Help!

Many of you are familiar with Ranger. He is an American Bulldog who was brought to the shelter with such bad dermatitis that he was missing his fur from the neck down. He was covered with open wounds and suffered from severe itching. Through Sammy’s Hope, Ranger has been taken to two different vets for evaluations. He has been treated for mange (although after four separate skin scrapings, nothing has ever shown up), allergies, infection, and fungal rash. Despite this aggressive treatment, special diet, and medications, Ranger continues to be plagued with this dermatitis. Today, his current vet claimed that he is out of ideas. He suggested that Ranger be taken to a bigger facility where they can figure out the cause for skin condition and treat it.

Ranger has lived his entire life with itchy patches and painful open sores. Often, he can’t relax because he is trying to relieve the relentless itching or he is trying to alleviate the pain associated with the irritated opened wounds. In addition to his dermatitis, Ranger is mostly bald. Although, his hair has grown back a little, he continues to lack most of his fur on his body. This leaves him very vulnerable in cold weather and makes it very difficult to get him adopted.

Ranger is a wonderful loyal dog who deserves a chance at a life free from itching, painful sores, and baldness. PLEASE help us to raise enough money so he can be seen at a facility that can properly diagnose and treat him! By contributing to the Chipin below, you will enable us to send Ranger to a dermatological specialist and pay for his treatment protocol. We are truly desperate to help this wonderful dog. THANK YOU!