Emmi is a Mom!


Emmi came to the shelter a couple of weeks ago with a brindle friend.  They had been wandering around a nearby neighborhood, unattended.  Their owner was found and contacted, but sadly only chose to redeem Emmi's friend, leaving her behind.  Emmi has been petrified since she came to the shelter.  She cowered in the corner and cringed at every noise she heard.  Our volunteers were very gently trying to coax her to the front of her kennel with delicious treats and kind words, with little success.  Then yesterday morning Emmi delivered a whopping surprise!  Four tiny puppies had been born in the night. Emmi's terror at being in the shelter made her unable to care for her newborns.  She did not touch them, nurse them or acknowledge them in any way.  We knew something had to be done immediately!  Our fabulous volunteer who had previously fostered Kylie May, and had experience with tiny pups, scooped up the entire family and brought them home to her "Dog Suite" for fostering.  All yesterday afternoon she bottle-fed the babies while Emmi, exhausted, slept in the peace and quiet of her new foster home.  Later that evening, she accepted the hungry puppies to her belly for dinner and began licking them.  Emmi had figured out she was a mom!

We will be keeping a close eye on Emmi's progress with her new pups and will update all of our supporters about this mom with a brighter future and her beautiful new little lives....

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