Adoptions: Johnny

Johnny 1

Johnny is a spectacularly unique looking boy, a big one too!  He is pearly white with black spots like a Jersey Cow, finishing off his fine physique with a jet black tail.  From the minute he came in to the shelter, we knew Johnny was something special.   Johnny was surrendered by his family and is a little depressed to find himself confined by a cage.  He so loves it when the volunteers come to love him up and if you pet him in just the right spot, what an elevator butt this boy has!   Johnny is still getting over a bit of an upper respiratory infection, but as soon as he is well enough, he’ll be heading off for a vet visit to be neutered and vaccinated.  If you come fall in love with Johnny before his vet appointment, the shelter can help set up a low cost neuter procedure through the JpawS Neuter Scooter program.  Johnny would be a welcome addition to any home, guaranteed to bring love & purrs, not to mention how his good looks will make him the talk of all your guests!

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