Jordan was adopted!

Jordan 1

UPDATE: Jordan has found his forever home! Handsome Jordan has had such a rough time.  First he was in a home where someone cared enough about him to have him neutered and give him a flea collar, but then somehow, Jordan found himself outside, far from home with that same flea collar that was now hooked under his leg!  (Public Service Announcement: Do NOT put a collar on your cat if it isn’t a break away!!!) Poor Jordan was stuck with this thing wrapped around his leg and couldn’t move around very well.  He found himself in a trap and was brought to the shelter where he was treated for the wound under his arm caused by the collar being too tight and rubbing where it should never have been.  Happily, the antibiotics and lots of TLC are making Jordan look and feel so much better.  In spite of everything he has been through, this boy wants nothing but love and cuddles.  Jordan is all black with just a few wispy white pieces of fur on the back of his neck.  The Vet estimates Jordan is close to 2 years old and as soon as the injury is healed, he will be as healthy as he is happy, well as happy as a cat can be in a cage.  Jordan deserves to be back in a loving home - one where he won’t be allowed outside but where he can cuddle and sleep in comfort and safety.

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