Sadie found her forever home!

Cage 3-Sadie 1

UPDATE: Sadie, our beautiful momma cat, is now in her forever home with two of our volunteers, Paige and Mark! UPDATE: Pretty Sadie has 4 perfectly petite kittens who were born on 3/10/12.  We have two ginger babies and 2 black babies with a hint of calico underneath their fuzzy kitten fur.  Our pretty Sadie is just as sweet as ever, allowing us to handle and love on her babies as long as she gets cuddle time too.  Ms. Sadie and her babies will be ready to go to their forever homes on or about the week of April 28th.

Sadie, Sadie, married lady…..Well, not exactly married, but most certainly committed.  This incredibly beautiful calico girl is going to be a Mom!   Sadie obviously isn’t available for adoption just yet but once she is all finished with her Mom duties, which should begin in less than 3 weeks, she’ll be ready for a break.  We don’t know how many kittens Sadie will have, but for all of us who have raised even one child, we know how much work it takes.   The volunteers are giddy with excitement and anticipation for Sadie’s kittens to arrive.  We know they will be as beautiful and sweet as she is.  Keep following us to find out about Sadie’s progress and to meet her kittens when they enter the world.  We’ll let you know when they and their beautiful Mom are ready for their new homes.

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