Ariel was adopted!

Cage 13-Ariel

UPDATE: Our lovely Ariel was adopted! Petite Ariel has the look of a miniature black panther with none of the wildness of that magnificent creature.  Ariel was surrendered to the shelter but the why of it confounds us.  She is such a sweet and playful girl.  The first order of business was for us to make sure Ariel was spayed and got her shots. Next, was to love her up as much as we could so that she would be all ready for her new home .  The last thing on our list is to find the human who will love our little girl as much as we do.  Ariel has been at the shelter since January 31st, 2 whole months in a small cage when we all know that big and little panthers need room to roam and proper places to sleep.  Ariel loves the attention she gets from the Sammy’s Hope volunteers and she can really cut loose when she has the room to play, but what we can give her is not even close to what her very own family could.  I guarantee if you come meet Ariel, you’ll see that this girl is the perfect addition to your home.  Please come visit so we can put our final check next to Ariel’s name!

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