Ernie was adopted!

Cage 20 #3

UPDATE: Ernie was adopted! Every person should own a 6 toed cat at least once in their life.  If you agree, then we have the boy for you.  Meet Ernie, named for the most famous keeper of polydactyl cats in the world, Mr. Ernest Hemmingway.  Ernie was abandoned by his family but lucky for him he has found himself in good hands.  He is still wearing the color they put on him, but we’ll be taking that off soon.  Ernie not only has six toes on each of his front feet but he is a gorgeous ginger orange with white markings on his face which he happily rubs on any hands that reach to pet him.  Ernie is a medium sized intact tom cat who really needs someone who will love him and care enough about him to give him a permanent home.

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