Princess was adopted!

Princess 4

UPDATE: Princess was adopted! This is Princess, a lovely full figured gal who has graced this earth for nine wonderful years.  Princess was in a home where she was spoiled and loved, but sadly, when her humans added to their family with a little one, it was discovered that the baby was allergic to cats.  Ms. Princess was surrendered to the shelter in the hopes that a new home could be found for her.  Princess is already spayed and was prepared for her new life with a visit to the vet where she was brought current with all of her shots.  At first glance, Princess looks like a black cat, but if you look closely at her pretty face, you can see that she has a hint of calico in her, especially around the outside of her eyes, up to her ears.  This gentle girl deserves to be back in a loving home where she can once again enjoy the comforts of soft places.

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