Emmi Update


It is with a heavy heart we share that Emmi, the sweet shy new mama dog, has lost all four of her puppies. As soon as she gave birth, one of our amazing volunteers immediately took her home for foster. Unfortunately, despite the best care of both foster mom and veterinarians, the pups were not strong enough to survive. We would like to thank volunteer Toni for her heroic efforts with the puppies, all of the love and kindness she gave them during their short lives, and the love she continues to shower on Emmi during her difficult time. Emmi's heart is beginning to heal, and now that this very shy girl has learned to trust her human foster family, she's beginning to explore friendships with her foster dog siblings. So far she has been a courteous young lady. Emmi is not quite ready for adoption yet, but as she continues to come out of her shell and become comfortable with the world around her, we look forward to finding her a loving Forever Home. Please keep your eye on our website for further Emmi news and that happy day when she will be ready to come home forever...

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