Athena was adopted!

Athena 2

UPDATE: Athena was adopted! Athena is a spectacular looking tortishell girl with a perfectly divided face, darker on one side and golden brown on the other.  At first glance, Athena looks like a big girl, but the truth is, she’s all fuzzy, colorful fur that hardly sheds, that’s right, I said she hardly sheds!  It’s hard to believe with such a luscious coat, but it’s the truth.  Another unique feature for pretty Athena are her tiny ears. - you have to see her in person to appreciate the adorableness.  We are fairly certain that Athena is a young girl, no older than 2.  Athena came to us with her relative Heather.  The girls were dumped in a neighborhood where a kind lady saw them and began feeding them until she was able to catch them and bring them to safety at the shelter.  Now, they are feeling better, fattening up and waiting patiently for YOU to come bring them into the warm, comfortable home they belong in.  Athena is spayed and up to date with all of her shots.

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