Bandit was adopted!

Bandit 3

Bandit is………I bet you can’t guess……..OK, I’ll tell you………..he’s a black and white boy with a mask!  I guess the people who used to have Bandit didn’t want to take any chances on him being a rogue bandit, so when they had him neutered, they also had him declawed.   Bandit is 10 years old and it took him a few days to calm down and who can blame him?  He lived in a home for his whole life and suddenly found himself without his people and confined to a cage.  Bandit is a resilient boy though who is making the best of a bad situation.  He studies everything with his big green eyes and when he sees a volunteer reaching to open the cage, he’s up and ready for the attention he knows is coming his way.  Bandit is a big boy who would love nothing better than to fill a permanent seat in your home.