Our Beautiful Mama is Out of the Shelter!


This gorgeous girl, who we called Chelsea, came to the shelter just over a week ago, obviously pregnant. She was very fearful of the people and dogs around her and was longing for a nice quiet place to have her puppies in some peace. We are thrilled to announce that our wonderful friends at Pibbles & More Animal Rescue have taken her in and will be caring for her until she and her soon-to-be-born puppies find loving Forever Homes. THANK YOU, Pibbles & More-- we are so very grateful! Chelsea's new mom has changed her name to "Mercedes" and is reporting that she is an extremely sweet girl who very much enjoyed their initial "getting to know you" time together. We think she is going to blossom into a total cuddle bug and we can't wait to read of her progress and see her beautiful babies when they are born.

We'd also like to give an extra special "thank you" to the staff of the Edison Animal Shelter for transporting Mercedes all the way out to her new home!

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