Buka was adopted!

Buka 1

UPDATE: Buka has found his forever home! My name is Buka, I live on the second floor….OK, so I played a little fast and loose with the lyrics, but Buka, not Luka, really does live on the second floor, with me in my condo.  Buka, the name I gave him, was dumped at Waterford Condo complex in Edison.  Thankfully, he hadn’t been left outside for more than 24 hours before I was called in to help.  Sweet boy had been trying to run into every open door wanting so badly to find a home.  Buka is a boy, between 9-10 months old who had not been neutered by whoever had him; I suspect that’s why he was abandoned because he WAS a tom cat with tom cat bad habits so the first order of business when I took him in was a visit to the vet to be altered and tested.  I am happy to report that Buka’s bad habits don’t exist anymore and he tested negative for FIV/FeLV.  As you can see, Buka is a gorgeous cat with medium length, shiny black fur and almost glow in the dark white whiskers and eyebrows.  He’s awesome in looks and personality.  I know I’m a little bias, but since I’m his foster mom, it’s allowed.  One of my resident cats is not a fan of Buka’s so he has been confined to my bedroom which is not an ideal situation for a friendly, playful young boy.  Buka craves attention and he’s terribly lonely until I come home from work.  For as much as I love Buka, I know he needs a home where he can investigate more space than a bedroom and interact with all the people who love him whenever he wants.  Buka was fine with my cats when I first brought him in, but my eldest cat was terrible to him and now he’s not so sure, which is why is he separated but if you have a cat and are willing to give them a little time to get to know one another, I’m pretty sure Buka’s sweetness will overcome his uncertainty.  Please contact me directly if you are interested in meeting Buka….you won’t regret it.  trish@sammyshope.org