Please "chipin" for Johnny!

Cone Head

Johnny is a 3 year old spectacularly unique-looking boy. He is pearly white with black spots like a Jersey Cow; one of his “spots” is in the perfect shape of a heart. Johnny was always happy to see us at the shelter- he talked to us and rolled around for some love every time a volunteer visited his cage. We noticed that Johnny struggled to open his eyes, and when he did, they were horribly irritated. The Vet originally gave him medication to cure his ulcerated corneas but Johnny was still suffering. Ultimately, we found out that Johnny’s lower eye lids were turned in causing his lower lashes to constantly rub against his corneas, creating painful ulcerations that would not heal unless his eye lids were surgically corrected.

Johnny has had his surgery and is in medical foster with one of our volunteers who reports that he is enjoying his new-found painless eyesight like a kitten. Johnny chases things around to play and then, when he’s worn himself out, will curl up in your lap for some much deserved loving. Johnny is still getting medication to cure the ulcers on his eyes, but the Vet is confident that since they are no longer being poked by his eyelashes, he will heal quickly, hopefully by the time his sutures come out on 6/28.

We now need to cover our costs for Johnny's surgery so that wee can help other animals in our care! The cost of his bill plus aftercare in his foster home is going to run around $675.00. We have set up a "chipin" where you can help donate to cover the costs of Johnny's surgery below-- just click on the orange button. And THANK YOU for supporting us in the work we do for the animals!

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