Adoptions: Harry

Sammy's Hope75

Meet Prince Harry – a spectacular ginger just like his namesake the 2nd in line to the thrown of England.  Harry’s color is just amazing and his markings are so perfect you would think Michelangelo himself painted him.  Harry’s body is long and sleek and to look at him, you would think he was light as a feather, but you would be wrong.  Harry may look like a welter weight, but every muscle in his body is firm.  This boy is a champ in any book and much like a true champ, Harry is gentle as a lamb.  He loves to chill in the play space and observe everything going on around him but when a volunteer reaches for him, his eyes close and he bows his head for you to pet him. He is neutered and up to date on his shots. Harry would be more than happy to grace your home with his presence and greet your visitors as if he were welcoming them to Buckingham Palace. We just found out that our over the top handsome Prince Harry is FIV+. This means that he carries a disease that “may” compromise his immune system in the future. If Harry gets good veterinary care and food over the course of his life, th

en his life is expected to be long and wonderful. FIV is NOT easily transmitted to other cats so Harry can be adopted into a home with resident felines as long as there are no knock down drag out fights which could result in a deep, penetrating wound. Harry is neutered, so as long as any females you have are was well, that form of transmission is a non-issue. Anyone who adopts this amazing boy is very, very lucky! Come visit Prince Harry at the Edison Animal Shelter and I guarantee you will be smitten!

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