Please Help Mercedes' Puppies Get Vet Care!


Some of you may remember Mercedes, the gorgeous blue and white pregnant female pittie who found herself at the shelter last June. Happily, the fabulous Pibbles & More Animal Rescue pulled her from the shelter and took her to a terrific foster home to have her babies in peace and comfort. Her foster mom is an angel who found a place for Mercedes on her beautiful farm, where mom could have her puppies in quiet comfort, with lots of room to just be and go for walks. Four days after being in her new home, Mama Mercedes gave birth to ten healthy and handsomely beautiful puppies. These little ones are now thriving under the nurturing care of their mom and this angel who rescued them. However, the expenses are mounting, as they need continued care-- food for mom and her ten pups, medical care and oversight, including vaccinations, and spaying and neutering before they go into their forever homes.

All TEN babies plus mom will need vetting before adoption so we are calling on our Sammy's Hope supporters to please lend a hand to one of our alums who had the great fortune to be taken in by this terrific rescue. Any amount that you could contribute would be so very much appreciated and help get these little guys off to a great start in life. Just click on the orange button below to donate:

If you would like information on adopting the lovely Mercedes, or any of her gorgeous puppies, please visit the Pibbles & More Website for information on applying to adopt and their adoption requirements:

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