Adoptions: Jackson, Scarlett, and Penelope

Jackson, Penny & Scarlett

Jackson, Scarlett and Penelope are siblings who were brought to the shelter on July 21st.  When the carrier was opened, it was love at first sight for everyone who saw them.  First out was the little boy, Jackson.  One of our volunteers immediately exclaimed, “OMG, he has paws the size of dinner plates!” Only eight weeks old and we could clearly see he’d be a stately cat when he grows up although he’ll be fighting being called “cute” for his entire life because of his black button nose.  Next up was the most adorable little calico who has been named Scarlett.  She was all fuzzy fur like her brother and let out the cutest little kitten peeps.  The only proper way to describe Scarlett is stunning; she is truly a beautiful girl.  Oooos and Ahhhhs were expressed by the room and then, looking inside the carrier, we saw that there was another little pip squeak hiding in the back.  This little peanut was obviously the tiniest of the litter.  She doesn’t have the long fur like her siblings, but it’s thick and soft like a favorite blanket.  When little Penelope was brought out, the “awe’s” were unanimous.  The 3 kits got their first distemper vaccination and out the door they went into a foster home where they were free to express their fine kitten selves.  Penelope (Penny for short) may be the littlest, but she is most certainly the most curious and brave.  Penny was the first to do everything from climbing onto the bed to scaling the bathroom towels up to the top of the towel rack.  Not to be outdone, Penny’s antics were quickly mimicked by Scarlett, yup, the girls ruled the room!  While his sisters explored every nook and cranny, Jackson followed along at full speed until it was time to do what they did.  Wise little Jackson put on the brakes and decided he would let the girls take the risks and then, if nothing bad happened, he would try it out for himself.  Naturally, being the boy he is, once he found his way to the top of the towel rack, he crowned himself King!  The kits are all active and fun, but they are still babies and when it’s time to crash, they all go down together, loving nothing more than to cuddle close to each other and their foster Mom when the lights go out. All 3 little bundles have received their 1st distemper vaccination plus a booster and they have been dewormed twice (it’s a kitten/puppy thing).  While their foster mom will miss them to pieces, it’s time for Jackson, Scarlett and Penelope to have homes of their very own where they can entertain their new families with all of their kitten silliness and love. [gallery link="file" columns="2"]