Sammy's Hope Social Media – It Takes a Village

When you see one of our rescued dogs or cats find their “Forever Family” it brings to completion an entire process that has many moving parts.  The Sammy’s Hope online community is incredibly supportive, and we take advantage of many people’s skills to engage the various areas of Sammy’s Hope Social Media marketing.

Happy Sammy's Hope Forever Family

Happy Sammy's Hope Forever Family

Facebook – Sammy’s Hope

The Sammy’s Hope Facebook Page is one of our most popular social platforms.  You can expect anywhere from two to four or more posts each day, not to mention upcoming events, animals finding forever homes, or just great photos of our dogs and cats playing and being loved by our wonderful volunteers.   

Karen and her rescue cat Guster

Karen and her rescue cat Guster

How do we make sure we have excellent content that has been approved by Sammy’s Hope board?  We have systems in place!

Content that the Board wants to publicize comes through a few specific board members; this way we know the content is approved.  We also have procedures in place for posting new animals, forever family updates, special events, volunteer training and more.

Once the content is received, my assistant Karen (seen here) and I make sure the posts are updated on our social media platforms.  We also make sure that website updates are handled as soon as possible. It’s a lot of work, but ABSOLUTELY worth it all when we see a Sammy’s Hope cat or dog find their forever family!

Instagram – Sammy’s Hope

Sheila & Gabrielle working their photo magic!

Sheila & Gabrielle working their photo magic!

Sheila Mathis, one of our amazing volunteers, handles Instagram postings for Sammy’s Hope. Sheila and another volunteer, Gabrielle, even come in on their days off to take beautiful pictures of our animals so that we can use them in the various areas of marketing.

What does Instagram require?  Quality images, posts, engagement with followers, videos and more!    Sheila also makes sure that Sammy’s Hope approved events, updates, and pet photos are consistently shared on Instagram, as on our other platforms.

Since Sheila has taken over Instagram, our viewership has increased 500%, and beautiful pictures from Sheila and Gabrielle have helped every area of Sammy’s Hope!

Volunteers – Sammy’s Hope

You’ve heard us say it over and over again: Sammy’s Hope has the BEST volunteers on the planet.  Our volunteers freely share pictures, tips and updates on the animals they encounter.  We also keep the volunteers up to date on animals when they find their forever families, because most often those volunteer have spent hours and hours with these amazing animals and have fallen in love with them.

Many of the fundraising ideas, photos, stories and videos that you see on social media come from our caring and incredibly dedicated volunteers—they’re the guiding force behind these amazing creatures.

How Can You Help?

When you see a Sammy’s Hope post come across your feed, be sure to SHARE it with your friends and neighbors. Talk about it, and ask your friends to “Like” and follow our pages.

Here is a list of the Sammy’s Hope Social Media links.  We appreciate ALL of your incredible support – because of YOU taking the time to share, our dogs and cats are finding forever families!





This week's blog is written by Angel Lebak, Social Media Director and member of the Sammy's Hope Advisory Committee.  Angel Lebak is owner of Assistant Angel - Team of Social Media Managers.  When not working, Angel enjoys spending time with her husband, two children and rescue puppy, Skippy.  Angel is proud to offer tips, insights and training to Sammy's Hope board of directors and staff to help spread message of hope for rescue animals.